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H a r p i s t



May 2015

Back in France


March-April 2015

Beginning second US tour - See calendar for locations.


January 2015

Collaboration with Alicia Griffiths for a new harp duo project 'Los 360 del arpa' in Pamplona, Spain.


October 2014

Creation of new chamber music group - Duo d'Elles. voice&harp


April-May 2014

Live television performance, Roanoke, Virginia -

First US tour - ending at Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY.


March 2014

Broadcast on Sunday 6th, 20-22h on

SFR2 Kultur (DRS II) - program 'Im Konzertsaal'.


November 2013

Recording Live Emotions 4 with The World Orchestra in Alicante, Spain - 

Broadcast solo concert on Sunday 20th, 20h on Classic FM, UK.


August 2013

Recording Symphonies by M.Nyman with The World Orchestra in Palma de Majorque, Spain.


A new approach for the audience - Innovating a new concept

MAY 2012

Claire wants to get closer to her public and wishes to promote her instrument in a new imaginative way.


She desires to share her excitement with the audience and invites them to see and feel her music simultaneously. Not only getting to experience the aesthetic beauty of the instrument, but also the new innovative approach. 

To watch more videos, click here

To listen audio extracts, click here
F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

''Claire, a lovely young lady with a remarkable set of Variations on The Moldau. [...] Very high level of artistry indeed in her playing. Honestly, as good a harpist as I’ve ever heard.''

SoundWordSight an Arts Magazine, June 2014 - USA

"She played with a musicianship and virtuosity I never heard before, and sounds I didn't think the harp can make" 

Barry Wordsworth  January 2013 - UK

"A stunning account from a harpist who obviously enjoys sharing her music with her audience...Claire has extraordinary maturity, technical and musical skills and honesty in her musical approach, yet she is still in her mid 20’s."

UKHA, London 2013 - UK

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